Alex Kadi

Alexandra Maria Kadinopoulou

Alexandra Maria Kadinopoulou

A little more about the artist

Born in northern Greece, I’m the middle child of a large family with a business back ground. However, I didn’t take much to numbers and charts. My father, who dabbled with painting in his youth, introduced me to the Arts through travel and museum visitations. 

My bilingual cultural identity (Greek-Irish), sparked my love for mythology, archeology, philosophy and history. I became fascinated with semiotics (the science of symbols), perceiving illustration as the one eternal global language.

I realised that Art has a potent power to facilitate ‘change’. I’m passionate about human rights, from child welfare to elderly care. For two decades i dedicated my efforts to sharing the transformative power of art within my community. Teaching children and adults was the encouragement I needed to share my vision.

Art’s survival is testimony that it can be a deeply spiritual experience, more so, because it’s unique for each individual. I focused on spreading this message and never looked back. Art heals.

I treasure my quiet time, reading and being in Nature. I’ve been so blessed in life, having survived storms and seen the rainbow at the other end. Life drives me to express appreciation and gratitude-and to transfer this through my work.

I’ve faith in human nature and the kindness of strangers. The only constant is change.


Sending Love, Alex