The Love Tree-Red Siren

On the peaks of snowed Alaska,

on the vast and endless plains,

there’s a plant which breaks the silence

in the snowstorm’s white remains.

It is very rarely seen,

though rumours are a-plenty,

and if you cross it in your path,

I heed you tread about it gently.

Its dark green leaves resemble eyes,

That blink and quiver in the light;

But if you move too suddenly,

They’ll wither out of fright.

The fruit it bears is oddly shaped,

Like a straw-berry halved;

Two red curves form a mouth,

In which a kiss is carved.

The wind carries upon its wings,

The words it softly speaks,

That haunt the heart of every man,

Along the way it meets.

Red siren some do call it,

This plant that strangely bears,

The lotus fruit of love,

In these unlikely lairs.

On the peaks of snowed Alaska,

On the vast and endless plains,

There’s a secret deeply hidden,

“Love,” it whispers, “free from chains”.


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